Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Luxury Goods Can Wait

Or they really affordable towards the luxuries? Not my business anyway.
Goods are getting more and more expensive,RM50 note becoming a day basic necessity to survive in a city.
Not talking about the meals nor the daily essentials, transportation itself cost you half or the note.
But well, these are not the main focus.
Question is, why thing happens?

I would say one of the factors is the spending pattern in Malaysia. The young adults are deemed to be more affordable towards the luxuries. Though there are few different level of societies, but all of them are more likely to spend on good meals, good stuffs and good clothes. We call em' luxury.
When people are willing to spend, the supply will react towards the demand, concurrently.
The suppliers are ought to increase in price when people are willing to spend, even when prices are raised.

The fuel price has gone down recently, this further triggers the spending pattern going up where the purchasing power turns consolidate. Theoretically it reflects positive in the overall production of country. But in realistic, when the people are unable to follow the step, it somehow giving negative impacts into the market. A lot of them struggling for survive, corporate fighting to sustain and at the end lose to the market trend

'If you are not afraid enough to lose in the beginning, you are sustainable to success in the end".

Happy Chinese New Year.

Monday, November 3, 2014

So what after graduated?

At last, am officially graduated from University Malaysia Sarawak, UNIMAS under Faculty of Economics and Business, Bachelor of Finance (Hons) and joined the UNIMAS Alumni.
Honestly, I had never imagine of myself would come to this stage, as in not even thought of my convocation. Seriously, this flight back to Kuching for my graduation was a last minute decision which the ticket was bought a day before the flight. And thus, this last minute decision made me ran to few departments for settling the convocation stuffs. 

Recalling back to 3 years, I took the first flight in my life to Kuching, dare not to look back at the airport check point and trying to endure to not let the tears drop. 
And then headed to UNIMAS and did all registration stuffs and all and all, alone.
Though the orientation week was the most terrible event in my life, but that week had brought me huge impact when comes to the convocation few days back.
The moment when stepped into the hall, looking at the grand atmosphere, all the memories from the beginning till the end of these 3 years gushed out and the tears literally roll in the eyes. Thinking of the first day in UNIMAS which actually welcomed all the graduates vehemently and ended this chapter of life in a grand ceremony. It's so meaningful!

The other mission of mine to head back Kuching was to eat up these four local dishes! The Kampua, Kolo Mee, Kuey Chap and Sarawak Laksa are the best of all! Just give em' a try next time when any of y'all reached this lovely place of Kuching. And hell yeah, I managed to accomplish this mission but sacrificed my sleeps. I had only like 10 hours of sleep in 4 days. I am a legend. :)
Am gonna miss Kuching much!

Too, I do miss people there. Friends, brothers, sisters and lecturers, carved much of precious memories in my head and so just please stay. 
To both of our favourite lecturer (my supervisor), Mr. Michael Tinggi, big thank for your exemplary guidance and assisted me to complete my research, thesis. Appreciated.

People are saying life in school is much better than life in working. Is that true?
Both are just theoretical and reality.
I don't mean like, I walked quicker than anyone else, but just, I've seen and learnt much. I had travelled 'overseas' alone, living alone, doing things and handling things alone, 3 years. Yeah?
Working life ain't that hard for person who are always self-motivated, frankly.
In life, I'll stay and wait. In career, I'll charge and fight.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


"Doing a startup was a long journey and I was putting myself under so much pressure by giving such a f*ck about what other people think."
Are you ready for the social pressure?

I am graduated, Bachelor of Finance (Hons), UNIMAS. Yes, 3 years out there wasn't easy, but not that hard though. Reviewing back on these 3 years journey, chapters that I miss the most are those moments where I were once had the companion. Thank You Mei Qi, for accompanied me throughout the ups and downs. I do miss you, for real. Moments with you in my life were the best part of all, I swear!

So when uni-life ends like, without convocation, yeah, Like a Boss!
Just don't ask me why I'm not gonna attend my convocation alright? It just a ceremony by putting a square-hat onto your head and.... photos or Facebook purposes? Just the cert is enough for me though.
Talking about catchin-up with friends, yeah.. for sure I'll soon visit them although in different states. But that's fine, cause this will be the reason for me to travel!

So what graduated?
I know, this sheet of paper just gonna be a 'pass' for me to like go a step ahead of those who don't have it. Nothing much of it. But well, what kind of job or career next?
IF one wants to get rich, I've figured out 3 ways:
1) Be a boss (entrepreneur)
2) Go on slanting stuff
3) Do sales
No money? No boss. Don't do bad? Eliminate second option. Sales? The one and only choice.
Alright, talking about doing sales.
1) Still an employee.
2) Still there are up-line/boss.
3) Still looking at own performance.
These 3 characteristics are exactly similar with a typical employee hiding behind the desk isn't it?
I just don't understand of why humans tend to think by sitting behind the desk and work would be a proper one to generate and accumulate wealth?
Saying about this issue, if you are to startup a business, still you're looking for consumers/customers to buy your products. This is one kind of sales too ain't it?
OR to say like direct sales, selling products to friends or others and earning the commission through then.
Insurance? Loan? any other kind of products representatives? Still receiving commission or to say wages for providing services to clients.
These are all of the illusion of business in society ain't? 
Perhaps talking in way back to theory we all learned in books. Demand and Supply? Give and Take?
The cash flows and the resources providers? The buyers and the products producers?
Clear picture enough?
Sales persons are ONLY act as the intermediaries which to meet up the buyers and suppliers. Meanwhile they DESERVE the wages upon their efforts to make the equilibrium happens.
Sometimes I got my mind fucked-up solely because I don't know why jobs like hiding in office (I call it god-damn-box) only considered appropriate, by slowly climbing up to the hierarchy like Manager? Senior Manager? *what else?* CEO? CFO? Are all these titles are important? Or cash in pocket are important?
Does the title buys you food and fill up your stomach? Or the cash?
Its not like saying all these jobs are not good, but definitely not in my mind, not even consideration. Everyone has different thinking, those are only my shoutouts. Just don't get offended.

As long as the wealth accumulated are clean, that's my ability. I need not those titles not even a single one! 
Of course when talking about gaining experience, there are hell lot of ways out there. You can start up all on your own or follow the guidelines set by others.
Just that things change, guideline might gone outdated.
I prefer go by discipline, REFER to guidelines and MAY come out with the innovative.
But when it fails, take the advices.
Hiding behind the desk is definitely not my type, I dare to walk along with risks. And this is the environment I've always wanted. Fixed and stabled income, not now.

I'll keep fighting towards my goal, my life, my responsibility, my story!